In 2011 I have been blessed to be able to travel to Haiti 3 times, and will be going again in another week. I have had several generous donations for travel. Anyone who knows me knows that God has called me to this ministry and that I love to travel to Haiti to help in whatever way I can. 
In February I was part of a medical team and worked as Pharmacist alongside Caitlyn. I really enjoy doing that, it is a fast-paced job and I feel like I'm part of the whole medical aspect of the ministry. On Sunday of that week we took a group of 14 to the beach to be baptized (13 Haitians and Anita from Mt. Pleasant church). It was a special time and I enjoyed being able to witness 13  Haitians being obedient to the Word!  
WEEK ONE: Dr. Marcia & Dr. Glenn saw over 400 patients in 4 days! What an awesome service to provide and what an incredible way to share their God-given talent with the people of Haiti. 
WEEK TWO: The team left but I stayed in Haiti to offer my "pharmacist skills" to the next medical team coming in!   Dr. Mark saw around 400 more patients during the week. I met several great people, one of whom was Fran, who worked with me in the pharmacy.

Fran & Deb in pharmacy

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    I am married to Bob and between us we have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. In addition to my family, one of my passions is photography. I love capturing someone's personality in my photos. I also enjoy scenic shots that capture God's beautiful creation and people doing everyday things that reflect their unique lifestyle. Another of my passions is being a part of Mt.Top Ministries. I know it is a God-given calling because it became such a large part of me, of who I am. I love serving people, being God's hands and feet. If I can make life a little nicer, a little brighter for someone and make them feel valued and loved then I have fulfilled my purpose! I LOVE being with the children. They are so precious to me. God has done remarkable things through Beth & Willem and I am very blessed to be allowed to be even a small part of it! 


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